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Her beauty is beyond word, so we photographed her just to let you see her stunning face.

确实,在还没去过印尼美娜多(Manado)之前,我们在网上收集了一些相片,且发布了【一起去潜水圣地 | 印尼Manado美娜多】的文章。当时,总带着怀疑的想法,真的有如图那么美吗??不信!不信!

Before we set off to Manado Indonesia, we collected some pictures from website and released the article “Going to the diving spot: Manado Indonesia”. We did hold the suspicion that Manado was notso beautiful as it looked like in the pictures because not any one of us had ever been there.

但是,这次我们亲身去了,当我们潜到海里,海底世界让我们震撼了,特别是那断崖层的活珊瑚,缤纷多彩的鱼儿...... 美!美!美!

However, at the moment that we really put our toes into the blue sea, and when we dived in, we knew what we had seen was really what it was. The broken coral reefs, colorful fishes and the sunbeams under water, we were completely shocked by this magnificent underwater world.

感谢团友 Ying 潜到海底20米拍下的相片

感谢Ying 的分享~

Thanks for Ying’s pictures 20 meters under the sea.


Diving! To explore the magnificence of Manado!


Forthis journey, apart from diving experience, it was more important to examinelocal tourism, economy and culture, to acquaint local Chinese and to know more about Manado.


Put simply, Manado was rather unsophisticated from my view. Locals were hospitable, kind and friendly (no anti-Chinese), also there was no need to worry about safety. Language can be a problem because most residents don’t speak Chinese and English is not widely used neither. Thus, it is better to choose a group-tour if you are not familiar with Manado, an island under development.


Next, we are going to share our journey with you, which would help you to form a general image about Manado. Along with the direct flights, the friendship between China and Indonesia would be developed.

了解到,9月起全国将仅有狮航(Lion air)直飞印尼美娜多(Manado),目前开通了澳门、重庆、长沙和武汉直飞印尼美娜多(Manado),我们此行选择了澳门至印尼美娜多(Manado)狮航直达。

As far as we know, only Lion Air has direct fights to Manado, from Macau, Chongqing, Changsha and Wuhan. We chose the flight from Macau to Manadothis time.


Airline Company: Lion Air

From: Macau

To: Manado

起飞时间 - 02:30

到达时间 - 06:00

Departure - 02:30

Arrival - 06:30


2016年8月15日凌晨 2:30 JT2748航班,建议大家在凌晨1点前到机场即可,有兴趣的话,可以在澳门逛逛 ~

Flight JT2746 at 02:30 a.m.

We recommend you to arrive before 01:00 a.m.. If you have interest, you may have a tour in Macau before you go.


Attention: passport and paper ticket will be needed when you cross the border, so you need to get all your documents from Visa Office first, which takes around 30 minutes.


It only took us 3.5 hours to get there. (We arrived at around 06:00 in the morning.)

Tips: There’s no blanket for economy passengers and it can get really cold on the plane, so you’d better take a coat and trousers with you.


Don't be surprised that there is no 美娜多 in this picture. We didn't come to a wrong place because 万雅佬 and 马纳多 are all the right translated names for Manado. Anyway, it seems that 美娜多 is much more suitable for this beautiful island.


We visited some scenic spots and Chinese buildings in the morning because most hotels in Manado could not be checked in before 02:00 p.m..

图中的帅哥是我们的美娜多假期导游 - 阿亨(印尼第四代华裔),因为当地人不会说中文,英文也不好,所以这些导游基本上是由巴厘岛派来,公司大概派了一百多个导游来支持这边的旅游事业,因为国家现在也比较着重发展旅游产业。

This gentleman above was our guide A Heng. As Manado residents don’t speak Chinese and English, most guides are from Bali. There are more than one hundred guides assigned from company to support local tourism.

我们下机后,就前往参观亚洲最大、世界第二大的【耶稣飞天像】,由于 70%的美娜多人都信奉基督教或天主教,这个雕像也就成为了当地人精神寄托的象征。

We went to visit Asia's largest and the second largest in the world【State of Jesus】right after our arrival. Nearly 70% of Manado people believe in Christian or Catholic, which makes it a symbol of local spiritual sustenance.


After taking some pictures, we kept going on visiting【Kwan Kong Temple】, the legacy of qing dynasty.


In China Town, locals were kind and friendly. Everybody smiled at us.

由于在美娜多30万的人口当中,华人约10万人,因此这里亦有一座当地华人的信仰中心【万兴宫】(Ban Hin KiongKlenteng ),由于庙内供奉妈祖因此又称为“妈祖庙”。

Because 1/3 of the populations are Chinese, there is a【Ban Hin Kiong】for local Chinese to worship, which is also known as Mazu Temple.


After that, we went to the【Century Church】. With a history of three centuries, it has been renovated and reconstructed for many times, witnessing the foreign influences on Manado. Furthermore,【the Pacific War Memorial】reminded us of the current fragile peace.


Fruitful areca palms were everywhere.


After lunch, we went to the Diving Centerto to learn diving skills.


The Diving Center was nearby the sea. We would set off from here to dive on the second day.


You could rent GoPro camera for about 50 dollars here, so you might bring one yourself or take enough money with you.

Tips: prepare some small changes (ten thousand shields IDR, about 5 yuan RMB) for tips.


The coach would teach you how to use all the facilities, snorkeling and diving postures and some dos and don’ts underwater.

上完课后,我们入住酒店当地五星级半岛酒店(Sintesa Peninsula hotel)。

After class, we checked in to the local five-star Sintesa Peninsula hotel.


The hotel was at an upper level, facing the sea, so that we could overlook the whole Manado.


After resting for a while, we went a local plaza for dinner and shopping and happened to see the selection of local government.


Because August 17th is Indonesia’s National Day, the whole plaza was filled with warm atmosphere.


We had a busy schedule for the first day and all we needed was a long and sweet dream to wipe away all the tiredness and prepared ourselves for the diving activities tomorrow.



On the second day morning, we took a boat to【Buner Ken national Marine Sanctuary】to dive. In our tour packages there were no diving activities included, so we need to pay ourselves (700 RMB perperson). There was no need to worry about safety problems thanks to the one-to-one coach. They would be by your side all the time when you were diving.

途中我们幸运的见到了海豚、鲸鱼哦~ 兴奋!尖叫!再尖叫!

We were lucky to see dolphins and whales on our way and we couldn’t help shouting and screaming out of excitement.


Our companions couldn’t wait to jump into the sea with their great passions.


Before diving, coaches would repeat all the tips and attentions in the water which could be really useful so you’d better not miss any one of it. The gesture in the picture above doesn’t mean “not good”; it means you can keep going down.


Diving! Go!


Because we had too many people, we were in batches. People could snorkel first before diving.


When we were watching the pictures of Manado, we were wondering if all of its beauty was true. Yet, we were totally convinced by its amazing view in deep water. Colorful starfishes, swaying live corals and various fishes, it felt like that we could never get enough of these.


There is no doubt that we will beat turtles on the land, but what about in the water?


Time went so fast that we didn’t realize diving hour was over. At lunch time, we could still find starfishes on the beach.

回到潜水中心,教练们会把我们的潜水衣统一清洗,我也来凑一下热闹哈哈~ 大家一起度过了难忘的潜水经历,与工作人员合影~

Back to the Diving Center, coaches would clean our diving suits and I joined them! We shared an unforgettable diving experience together with all the staff, and finally had a group photo taken.



On the third day, we went to【Buner Kennational Marine Sanctuary】for snorkeling by boat; we would enjoy the sight of some rare marine species like corals and sea turtles. When we got there, coaches taught us how to snorkel and how to use all the facilities patiently. For your own safety, remember to do what coaches say! (Snorkeling is a suitable activity for the young and old; you can see many rare marine animals, so don’t miss it!)

【布纳肯国家海洋保护区】面积约有 89,065 公顷,97%的面积都是清澈温暖的海水,海水温度介于 27-29℃之间;几乎未被破坏的原始礁石上生长着种类繁多的软、硬珊瑚和丰富的海洋生物让这里成为了世界顶 级的潜水圣地。布纳肯国家海洋保护区在世界上最著名的五大潜水点中排名第一,被称之为“东方最美的地方”

Buner Ken national Marine Sanctuary】covers an area of 89065 hectares; nearly 97% of it is clean and warm sea water which keeps temperatures between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. On the pristine rocks grow various soft and hard corals and plenty of marine creatures, which make it the world's top diving site. Buner Ken national Marine Sanctuary ranks first among the world's most famous five dive sites, also known as “the most beautiful place in the East”.


So far, there has been 21 diving points developed for diving enthusiasts.


It happened to be the National Day of Indonesia, so our handsome diving coach danced with fishes in the water, holding the national flag in his hands.


On the boat back, it felt really good to watch the sunset and to enjoy time passing by.


The girl was reluctant to part and refused to leave. It seemed that diving was really an addictive sport.



There was some free time for the fourth day, A Heng recommended us to visit Tomohon which would let us passing by a viewing platform and a market on the peak. Then we drove to the Garden Restaurant for a healthy meal, enjoying the beautiful flowers in the garden.


After lunch, we headed for the Five Colored Lake and sit by an active crater, enjoying a landscape of lakes and mountains with local original coffee or tea.


We chose to walk to the urban area to visit our local Chinese friends.


Most lands in Manado were private, which made it difficult to build wide roads. That was also the reason why there were always traffic jams on the road.

这里的路人很热情,认识了非常可爱的 Muti,感谢他一路带着我们走走~

People here were really hospitable. We met lovely Muti; thanks for his accompany along the way.


In the market, locals were generous to smile at us when we wanted to take photos of them.


Street vendors were selling their local snacks with carts.


We found a missionary school and kids there prepared a Chinese song to welcome us.


Kidsmade to stand outside the classroom were reading books absent-mindedly.


We met local Chinese along the way and chatted with them happily.

这次见到许多华人商人,通过他们的引见,我们见到了 MINAHASA UTARA 的区长(右三)会面交谈,相信之后的交流合作将会更加深入,促进双方文化、旅游、经济等方面的发展。

We were also able to meet the governer of Minahasa Utara (the third on the right) with the help of local Chinese businessmen. We believed that further cooperation and exchange would promote our culture, tourism and economy.



Airline Company: Lion Air

From: Manado

To: Macau

起飞时间 - 12:30

到达时间 - 15:30

Departure - 12:30

Arrival - 15:30


We were reluctant to leave this beautiful place, because we had already built great friendship with each other during these few days. We shall meet again one day!

相信不久我们一定会再来到这美丽的地方 - 印尼美娜多(Manado)

We believe that we will be back to this beautiful place Manado!


Special Thanks


Guangzhou Lvyi Business Services Co., Ltd.


Do you want to join useither?


This September, we will open


Qiaou Manado Happy Journey


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